A Place of Refuge

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Author: Asmaa Hussein
Publisher: Ruqayya’s Bookshelf
Pages: 180
Binding: Softcover

About the Book:
A Place of Refuge reminds us that forging a connection with our Creator is our only true refuge from the inevitable difficulties of this world.

In a series of powerful and thought-provoking essays, Asmaa Hussein draws on her experience maintaining resilience and strength in the face of overwhelming personal hardships. With moving pieces that address the realities of single parenthood, the challenges of maintaining a healthy private life while living in the public eye, and the effects of old traumas, Hussein makes insightful spiritual connections between her lived experiences and stories from the Quran and Sunnah.

“Stunning in its impact, this is a must-read for all human hearts.” – S.K. Ali, award-winning and New York Times bestselling author

“…demonstrates the infinite power of faith in healing emotional wounds and dealing with psychological trauma.” – Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Dean of Academic Affairs, The Islamic Seminary of America

“…important for contemporary Muslims searching for greater spiritual meaning and purpose.” – Mohamad Hamas Elmasry, Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies


A must read!

A book about hope, patience, faith in the divine wisdom of Allah, His infinite mercy and love. Asmaa beautifully connects the Quran and Hadith to her stories and you keep coming back to them for inspiration and insight, especially during these difficult times.


A complete marvel

Just when I thought nothing could beat “A temporary gift”, Asma Hussein stunned me with her work once again!!!

My words certainly cannot do justice to what my heart feels about ‘a place of refuge’.

I can only assure that, if you are looking for words of hope, faith, wisdom, sincerity, and healing, then this book is definitely for you! ♥️


A book I’ll come back to again and again!

Beautifully written, this book captures so many emotions.

The first chapter took me back to my own Hajj experience, and reminded me to find good in all situations. I remember we were on the bus with an older and constantly bickering couple who were not too pleased about all the delays, and then a blind man comes in, and starts praising Allah and went on and on about how he was blessed to just be here. All of us couldn’t help but marvel at this beautiful individual, and it put our purpose back front and center in our minds. I’d forgotten all about this story :-)

I love how the author is able to connect with Allah in any circumstance. To be aware of and turn to our Lord at the most difficult times of our lives is in and of itself a mercy alhamdlillah, and she writes about this constantly through out her book.

The way this book is written, I felt I was right there with her when she saw the jelly fish at Chesapeake Bay, or while listening to those aunties in Egypt (😖🙄), and I can even imagine witnessing that joyous meeting with Farah in Madina!

I love her honestly to herself and her daughter, and her certainty of seeing her husband in Jannah.

May Allah make us worthy of His pleasure, and give us the ability to always turn to Him and the yaqeen to know we are capable of attaining His mercy.

Thank you for writing this book, I will most definitely recommend it to everyone!



I never give reviews, but for this I had to. I bought this book and read it within two days. A book put together perfectly. It is a book of hope that over time, hearts can also heal 💕
After reading ‘A Temporary Gift’ I knew I had to buy this one when I seen Asmaa had another in her collection.
I pray you reap the rewards of every heart you have helped, every broken soul you have given hope to once again.
May Allah bless you, Ruqayah and Amr with a Palace in jannah near Him. Ameen x

Another winner!

Asmaa Hussein’s words oftentimes render me speechless, but my heart sings and soars as I read her beautiful, deep, and always thoughtful reflections.

I didn’t think any book could beat A Temporary Gift, but leave it to Asmaa Hussein to surpass Asmaa Hussein. Mashallah, she has a gift for words unlike any other I’ve seen. She makes you delve deep within your soul to try to come to terms with Allah’s will and wisdom while you’re treading His path.

A Place of Refuge instilled such peace within my heart as she related her trials and means of dealing with them to our role models in Islamic history, and allowed me to contemplate on how I deal with mine. I aspire to be as pious and strong in my faith as Asmaa has been, and as everyone should be.

I can always count on her books and words to lift my spirits and give me an iman high. I’m so grateful that Allah has allowed her to share her gift with us all. God knows how many people you’ve helped, and continue to do so, myself included. May He be pleased with you, and grant you barakah and success in this dunia and akhirah. May He reunite you and Ruqaya with your beloved Amr in jannatul ferdaus.

Thank you for writing yet another treasured masterpiece.


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