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Essentails of Quranic Arabic (Combined volumes 1 & 2)

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Author: Masood Ahmed Ranginwala
Publisher: Islamic Learning Foundation
Pages: 624
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-359-00177-4

About the Book:
Essentials Of Quranic Arabic is an indispensable guide to those who want to understand the language of the Quran and read it with comprehension. The author Masood Ranginwala has studied Arabic with various institutions and teachers, including Nouman Ali Khan, and is currently an instructor for the Diploma Course Series ‘Introduction To Quranic Arabic’ at Islamic Online University (IOU), where he also served as the Arabic Studies Coordinator for the Diploma Series from 2012 – 2016.

In this book, conversational Arabic and non-Quranic vocabulary are not emphasized. Instead, there is a keen focus on mastering key grammar principles alongside “high-yield” Quranic vocabulary. Numerous examples are taken from the Quran from which grammar is taught. The author has effectively organised the lessons to assist the student in being able to make the connections between the grammatical concepts and how they function in sentences or phrases within sentences.

Each lesson from this textbook comes with a list of vocabulary that needs to be learned and memorized. Much of the technical Arabic terminology found in Arabic grammar study is not emphasized to provide ease for the novice student. Each lesson covers specific fundamentals of Arabic that are presented in a simplified and condensed manner so that Quranic Arabic can be learned in a most efficient way. Furthermore, review questions are included at the back of the book for every lesson so that the student can appropriately review the material.

The 1st volume guides the student in a step-wise progression to learn the fundamentals of Quranic Grammar. The 1st volume is also the basis for the IOU  Diploma Series ‘Introduction To Quranic Arabic’. The goal of the 1st volume is to develop the student’s ability to translate an Ayah of the Quran, a Hadith or an Arabic sentence with the aid of an Arabic dictionary. On the IOU website under the section ‘Diploma In Islamic Studies’, the author has made available free video instructional lessons of the chapters in the 1st volume.

The 2nd volume builds on the grammar principles found in the 1st volume and focuses on several more intermediary and advanced Arabic grammar topics important in higher-level Quranic study including Balaghah and I’jaz al-Quran (inimitability of the Quran) from a linguistic perspective.

Altogether, this will In Sha Allah enable the student to understand and experience the Lofty and Majestic Words of the Quran and appreciate the depth and beauty of the Arabic language as revealed and articulated in the Quran.

This new hardback edition has combined both the volumes and contains revisions and corrections to the previous paperback editions, which were published as individual volumes.


“I am teaching from your book at the Hartford Seminary as well as the Cheshire Correctional Institution. It is the only book I found that is organized in the way I have been teaching for some years. Actually I stopped writing my own textbook after I found yours …” – Dr. Sami Shamma- Professor of Quranic Arabic- Hartford Seminary

 “The Islamic Learning Foundation has produced a book which is sure to benefit the masses of Muslims trying to learn Quranic Arabic In Sha Allah. This is a work that is unprecedented in that a person can grasp the essentials in pure English without a teacher. Please make sure you purchase a copy. Also make Du’a for brother Masood Ranginwala for this great effort.” – Imam Omar Suleiman – Al-Maghrib Institute


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