Festivals & Celebrations In Islam

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Author: Muhammad M. Al-Jibaly
Publisher: Al-Kitaab & As-Sunnah
Pages: 246
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-891229-23-0

About the Book: Festivals and celebrations are occasions of joy and happiness. They have their distinctive spirit in all societies and cultures, and are eagerly awaited and heartily welcomed by everyone. The feeling of excitement associated with these occasions, however, causes people to introduce uncommon, strange or even bizarre practices during them. This book discusses the two annual Islaamic festivals: ‘Id ul-Fitr and ‘Id ul-Adhaa as well as the weekly Jumu’ah. It presents the Islamic guidelines for celebration according to the Quran and Sunnah and warns against innovated occasions and un-Islamic festivals.

In addition to topics that are standard to ‘Id celebration, such as the ‘Id prayer and khutbah, and ‘Id pastimes, this book discusses zakat-ul-fitr, the sacrifice, the blessed days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah, and numerous other ‘Id-related issues.

The broad and thorough discussions in this book make it an important manual and complete reference on festivals and celebrations in Islam.

Indeed, from Allah (swt) we seek help and acceptance.

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    Supported by hadith, the book covers the do’s and dont’s of Islamic festivals. While reading it I first thought, I know most of it as my mum would highlight the do’s on many eids we spent together. However, as I read along it made me realize my casualness towards to don’t’s. The don’ts (bidahs) have evolved changed since my mum expired. It reminded of the importance of visiting and re-visiting the basics and incorporating it in our lives and passing on that knowledge to the next generation in the most authentic forms. A basic book indeed for those who know, but, a must have in a library.


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