Golden Supplications

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Author:  Abdul Malik Mujahid
Publisher:  Darussalam
Pages: 205
Binding: Softcover
ISBN:  978-603-500-341-4

About the Book: This book is written for common people. If we look at the blessed life of Prophet Muhammad (S), we will find that at every moment and on every occasion, he (S) would remember Allah, calling upon Him and asking for His Help. Allah the Almighty has ordered us to seek help from none other than Him. We should ask therefore ask from Allah repeatedly with sincerity at all times.

Our Lord said: ‘Wa qaala rabbukum ud’unee astajib lakum’ (Call upon Me, I will answer your prayers). Remember that duas (supplications) are themselves great acts of worship.

Honorable readers, there is not a person in this world who is not facing some sort of difficulty or problems. Anyone can strengthen their bond with Allah simply by making supplications to Him. We can seek relief from our difficulties and problems by directly calling upon Allah without the need of any mediators between us and our Lord. Allah has blessed us with immeasurable great blessings and it is incumbent upon every human being to thank his Lord, his Creator and Master, for all of the countless blessings which we are surrounded with throughout our lives. The Messenger of Allah (s), who is the ummah’s greatest teacher, has informed us that we should remember Allah throughout the day. From the very moment we wake up in the morning until we sleep at night, we should call out to Allah seeking His help in everything we do. He (S) taught his ummah supplications which protect a person from various afflictions they may face.

For this book, ‘Golden Supplications’ I have chosen only the most important supplications so that our common people are able to memorize them with ease from one single book. It has been the ardent desire of the management at Darussalam for quite some time to publish this book with a beautiful design and layout, thus making it attractive and assisting common people learning. Furthermore, I have also added some instructions and manners related to the supplications in order to assist the readers in understanding and implementing the duas. It is important that parents also memorize these supplications themselves as it will greatly help their children in memorizing them too.   Do remember that the supplications which children study and memorize at an early age will remain with them and help them throughout their lives. The supplications which I myself learnt during my own childhood have benefited me all the way through my life to this day.   As is the case with all other publications by Darussalam, the supplications and other content of this book have Insha Allah been taken from authentic ahadeeth only. I am thankful to my dear Ukasha Mujahid and Darussalam’s senior designer Shahzad Ahmad who worked hard on this project. We anxiously await feedback from our beloved readers.
-Abdul Malik Mujahid
Riyadh September 2014

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  1. Mahin (verified owner)

    This is one of THE most beautiful books I’ve ever seen.

    The pages are of premium, laminated type quality. The graphics are super attractive. There are small explanatory notes for some duas, which are helpful too. Each supplication has a reference too, thankfully.

    The only thing missing is a hardcover! Would be perfect with a hardcover.

    Nonetheless, it’s pretty, it’s informative, it has all the supplications I need, along with vibrant, colorful, and aesthetic illustrations.

    It’s like the prettier version of Hisn-ul-Muslim. The graphics themselves motivate me to read it more often and with greater interest.


  2. Fatima

    So beautiful, great & helpful book! MashaAllah.
    A friend gifted me this book and I’m loving it; also the quality of pages is really good.


  3. Fatima

    Great book!