How the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) Taught his Students; The Sunnah in Today’s Classroom

Publisher:  Al Misbah
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Author: Jahangir Mahmud
Publisher: Al Misbah
Pages: 76
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 969-551-123-6

About the Book: The modern classroom has come a long way in the manner of appearance. Many tools and delivery systems are now in place, thanks to the technological advancements of our time. Changes too have occurred because of the cultural and social transformations that have taken place last hunted years. The globalization of the world and its inhabitants, the blending of cultures and the standardization of social systems has turned it virtually upside down. The phenomenon is most apparent in the classrooms today, where needs and tools are being reassessed and methods are being revised continuously. The education theory itself has gone through many changes and has even flipped its stance on many an issue, yet one particular element remains unchanged. And that is the fact that only two people really count; The Teacher and the Student.

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