Introduction to the Principles of Tafsir

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Author: Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah
Compiler: Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Salih al Uthaymin
Publisher: Al Hidaayah Publishing
Pages: 204
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-898649-82-3

About the Book: The Quran is the greatest miracle for mankind,yet how many of us truly understand its beautiful message and the sciences that surround it?

This book is one of the many written on this topic. In it, the renowned author Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah outlines the principles employed by the scholars in understanding the verses of the Qur’an. What makes this book unique is the fact that it is combined with Shaykh Ibn Uthayman’s detailed explanation of the original text. So, the reader benefits from both the original work and the detailed explanation of the work, all in an easy to follow, smooth, accessible format.

Shaykh al-Islam Ahmad ibn Abdul-Halim ibn Taymiyyah came from a scholarly family and was born in Harran in the year 661 AH. He and his family later fled to Damascus due to the Tartar occupation. From a young age, Ibn Taymiyyah excelled in his studies and was especially noted for his memory, intelligence and understanding. He mastered all of the various sciences of Islam and began to give religious rulings at the age of 19, and first started teaching at 22. Ibn Taymiyyah’s life was distinguished with his jihad against the Tartars and his struggle against the people of innovation, which lead to many imprisonments; the last of which lasted until his death in 728 AH.

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