Its Jummah! The Sunnah And Etiquettes of Friday

Publisher:  Curious Hearts
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Author: Najia Rastgar
Publisher: Curious Hearts
Pages: 16
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-099-5871-11-3

About the Book: Hooray! It is Friday! Let’s take a bath, wear our best clothes, and get ready for Jummah. Your little ones are more than ready to learn about their religion. So get a head start on the Sunnahs of Jummah in a simple, engaging and colourful way! Jummah is all about the Friday routine! While routines like bath time and meal time are crucial to healthy living, for us Muslims, so are the fardh and the sunnah which complete the code of our Islamic lives. Teach your child the Jummah routine, engrave it in their hearts. There are no doubt babies can learn and absorb anything at this age. Our daughters inspired us to create literature that promotes Islam first and foremost and other education as a bonus.

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  1. Hina Sami

    I have seen my sisters read to their babies since they were 3 month olds. What it does is that children learn to see books as something special and they begin to observe things. This is one of those books that a mom who has two things will greatly value – A family Friday routine they love & enjoy and a toddler or two! It has short phrases on one side and an image on the other side of the page. Each page talks about one friday routine like cutting nails or taking a full bath, etc.
    Its very basic in content but I love that it makes the Friday routine special from a young age and its a super hard board book making it fun for toddlers to have and hold. And as they start to read at ages 4, they will understand the relation between images and phrases.

    Hina Sami