Our Prophet – Life In Makkah – Textbook

Publisher:  Iqra Publishers
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Author: Abid’ullah Ghazi
Publisher: Iqra Publishers
Pages: 43
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 1-56316-150-8

About the Book:   Nineteen lessons present the life of the Prophet (S) during the Makkan years at a simple second-grade reading level. The book introduces the concepts of Allah’s Prophet, the last Prophet (S), sending Salawat on the Prophet s when his name is said, heard, or read, obedience to the Prophet (S), Jahiliya, Kabah, the house of Allah (SWT), the childhood of Rasulullah (S), marriage, Hira and the Revelation, persecution by the Kuffar, and Mi’raj. With colouring activities in the workbook to help remember key personalities and issues of the time.

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