The Rulings of the Two Eids: In the Light of the Authentic Sunnah

Publisher:  International Islamic Publishing House

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Author: Ali Hasan Ali Abdul Hamid al Athari
Translator: Iman Zakariya Abu Ghazi
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House
Pages: 72
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9960-850-39-0

About the Book: Islam, the religion revealed by Allah the All-Merciful, does not ignore the human need for entertainment and allowed pleasure. The two Eids or festivals are occasions on which people show and feel happiness. After performing the Hajj, Muslims enjoy the festival and eat and share the meat of the sacrifice. After Ramadan, the fast-breaking festival is another occasion for rejoicing, worshipping, sharing, and entertainment.

Many Muslims may not know how to perform the proper rites of the Eids and the relevant worship acts, the special prayers, zakât al-fitr, the sacrifice of an animal and its conditions.

In The Rulings of the Two Eids, the author has dealt with all these topics in a simple and clear way that makes this book a very good approach to understanding the Eids, their rituals, and all related matters, including incorrect practices to avoid on these two religious occasions.

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    A quick and precise guide to the basics of two eid celebrations.