Adam, Father of Humanity

Publisher:  Al-Kitaab & As-Sunnah Publications

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Author:  Muhammad Mustafa Al Jibaly
Publisher:  Al Kitaab & As Sunnah Publications
Pages:  189
Binding:  Softcover
ISBN:  1-891229-42-7

About the Book: This book presents amazing aspects and details of the story of the noble prophet Adam (AS). It discuss Adam’s (AS) merits, his creation, his wife and offspring, the murder of one of his sons, his death, and some events relating to him both in al-barzakh and the hereafter.

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    This book describes the life of Adam (AS) in the light of both Quran and Sunnah. Typically, a passage from the Quran is quoted followed by the author’s explanation in the form of numbered points. The novel feature of this book is the detail that is usually missing when describing the life of the first prophet. For me, the size of the book is a little too large, but everything else about this publication makes it totally worth reading.