Zakat Calculation

Publisher:  Islamic Foundation


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  Author: Mushfiqur Rahman
Publisher: Islamic Foundation 
Pages:  118                                            
Binding:  Paperback
ISBN:  0-86037-388-6  

About the Book: Zakat is an important pillar of the Islamic worldview. It is obligatory on every Muslim, who possesses valuables of a certain amount (nisab), to pay Zakat. Both the concept and the payment of Zakat are, however, not clear in the minds of many Muslims. They are unable to relate their earnings, expenditure and other vital socio-economic factors to the calculation of their Zakat.This guidebook is written for every Muslim in easy, simple language and presented in a user-friendly format to help them understand better the objectives, nature, benefits and principles underlying Zakat. An extensive and structured calculation form is provided to help calculate Zakat in the light of one’s earnings and expenses in today’s society.

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