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The Character of The Bearers and People of The Quran

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Author: Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad Bin Al Husayn Al Ajurri
Translator: Usama Hasan
Publisher: Al Quran Society
Pages: 79
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-907770-02-9

About the Book:
As is clear from its title, this book discusses the manners and required character of the bearers of the Qur’an and its people, i.e. those who believe in it and then recite, preserve or follow it, thus including all Muslims in general.

The book was divided by the author into nine chapters, in addition to the introductory chapter. Most of the material is of two types:

(1) Quotations from the Qur’an, Sunnah and words of the Companions and the Salaf, and
(2) Admonitions composed by the author, by which he addresses the reader directly, guiding him to the balanced path, relying on the quotations for support.

Al-Ajurri’s book is regarded as one of the principal sources in its subject-matter; in fact, it is one of the very first sources to gather the required manners and character of the bearers of the Qur’an and its people.

About The Author:
His name was Muhammad bin al-Husayn ‘Abdallah al-Ajurri al-Baghdadi and his Kunya was Abu Bakr. He was named after his hometown of al-Ajur in what is today Iraq. His date of birth is not known but his death was in the year 360 AH in Makkah.

He lived for 80 years according to al-Dhahabi or 96 years according to others. He was known for his narrations and an extensive amount of great scholars he produced as he died considerably old age as mentioned earlier.

Among his works are:

– al-Arba’in Hadithan on different subjects,
– akhlaq Hamalat al-Qur’an,
– akhlaq al-‘Ulama or Adab al-‘Ulama according to Imam al-Dhahabi,
– Tahrim al-Nard wal Sharnaj wal Malahi,
– Akhbar ‘Umar bin ‘Abd al-Aziz
– Sifat al-Ghuraba min al-Mu’minin,
– al-Ru’yah or al-Tasdiq bil Nadhr ila Allah Ta’ala fil Akhira,
– Ahkam al-Nisa’,
– Akhlaq ahlul Birr wal Tuqa’
– Adab al-Nufus,
– al-Amar biluzum al-Jama’ah watarakal Ibtida’,
– Awsab al-Sab’at,
– Tahrir al-Lawat wal Zina’,
– Taghyir al-Azminah,
– al-Tafarud wal ‘Azlah,
– at-Tawbah,
– al-Tahajud,
– ath-Thamanin or Thamanun al-Hadith,
and the list go’s on and on.

He was an intelligent and prolific writer in every subject. May Allah reward him with Jannah.

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