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Al-Jumu’ah: The Day Of Congregation

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Author: Dr. Gowher Yusuf
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House
Pages: 192
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 97860-350-156-6

About the Book: In our busy lives, Friday comes and goes without our being really aware of it. For many Muslim men, it may be punctuated by the congregational prayer that we make special efforts to attend. For Muslim women, it may go by just like any other day. This ought not to be the case.

In this special book, Dr. Gowher Yusuf gives us reason to stop and think about how special Friday (al-Jumu ‘ah) really is, and what we should be doing to achieve the many blessings it holds for those who observe it.  He has collected verses from the Qur’an, Saheeh Ahadith and traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) regarding this important day in one volume.

A must for every Muslim household.

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  1. Avatar of Hina Sami

    Hina Sami

    So many times I have been to Friday prayers hoping to gain from the company of believers and more importantly from the wisdom and advice of the Khateeb. But sadly, most people are unaware of the etiquettes of Friday prayers and most Khateebs continue to deliver uninspiring speeches. The book at hand discusses very many issues pertaining to Friday and must be patiently read for the evidences and arguments that it poses. Friday is a day of congregation and just like any large gathering, there are rules and etiquettes to attain perfection. This book needs to be shared with the believing men and women so they learn about the most important day – Al Jumuah!

    Hina Sami

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