Civilization Of Faith

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Author: Dr. Mustafa as-Sibaa’ie
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House
Pages: 268
Binding:  Hardcover
ISBN: 996085020X

About the Book: We are living at a time when Muslim nations are weak, and are easily dazzled by the power of the west with its wealth, means, and scientific and technological advantages. Muslims who do not read history may well be unaware of the fact that this has not always been the case. A few hundred years ago, the Muslim ummah was the superpower of the age and the Muslims were the leaders in culture, science, and technology. The cities of the Muslim world were centers of learning to which people came from far and wide, including – as in the case of Muslims Spain – and the lands of Christian Europe. The uniqueness of the Muslim civilization lies in the fact that they achieved a great deal not only in materialistic terms but that they remained a compassionate society where the poor and disadvantaged were cared for.

This book is not only a reminder to Muslims of their glorious past but also clarifies what led them to this success. A must-read for all, young and old.
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  1. Avatar of Hina Sami

    Hina Sami

    I have no words to describe this book…it is an institution in its own right and a lofty one. If you want to understand the stark difference between the Islamic civilization and the others – you cannot miss this book. The true evil civilizations and colonialist nations of the past are exposed and can find no excuses for the shame and oppression they brought upon the world. No one is perfect and everyone has made mistakes. But people like Salahaddin Ayubi mentioned by the author give us the task of grooming individuals with these role models as their ideal. Much to do and so much rich history to help us not repeat the same mistakes.

    Hina Sami

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