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First Things First- For Inquiring Minds and Yearning Hearts

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Author: Khalid Baig
Publisher: Open Mind Press
Pages: 421
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-9755157-0-5

About the Book: A collection of popular thought-provoking articles on a wide range of issues dealing with Islam today. Distilling the wisdom of great scholars of Islam, these articles present Islam without apology. Originally published in the “First Things First” column of Impact International, these articles have been thoroughly revised and updated. Published in arrangement with the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa.

About the Author: An engineer by profession, Khalid Baig has been writing on Islam and current affairs since 1986. He is the editor of Albalagh E-Journal as well as a regular contributor to Impact International.

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    Highly recommended


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    Hina Sami

    This book brings forth a narrative from the a Muslim living amid the myriad of problems and prejudices against Islam and Muslims; He attempts to clear out the fog to allow the reader, be it Muslim or Non Muslim to see clearly for himself; touches on some key issues plaguing the world and not just the Muslim Community. He poses some important questions regarding the unity of the various sects in Islam, which for me is a very very pressing matter. His point of view with regard to the 4 madhhabs though he chooses to follow one in particular is very encouraging. The prose is very inviting and an easy read for all – inspiring wake up call for the young and a jolt of a reminder for the old. We just need to open up our mind first!

    Hina Sami

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    “This book has restored the confidence of the ummah in Islam. It questions stereotypes and idiosyncrasies, removes the blinkers from our eyes using simple logic, and compels the reader to ponder the situation in a way that is difficult to ignore. Above all, the articles are in digestible bits and one is left energized and wonderstruck after reading any article. I pray that Allah Ta‘ala accepts this work. It should be introduced as extracurricular reading for students attending universities, Muslim schools and madrasahs.” Maulana ‘Abbas ‘Ali Jeena, Council of Muslim Theologians (Jamiatul ‘Ulama)

    “an immensely rewarding read”

    Dawn Book Review


  4. Avatar of Filzah

    Filzah (verified owner)

    I had picked this book for my book assignment but had to order from overseas; hence, I chose another book in the meantime. After receiving the copy, it was added to my collection. Fast forward a few months. I picked out the book randomly to read only a few pages. However, I have not been able to put this book down since. If it were humanly possible, I would not leave my place until I had reached the last page. I did not expect the content to be this great. Simple, concise, eloquent, and clear writing and information do not negate the logical aspect, which makes it truly a read for any curious thinker, regardless of the religion and belief system a person is following.


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