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Getting Married – Pack of 10

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Avail a wholesale discount on a pack of 10 copies of this important booklet.
It makes for a great gift for family and friends!

Compiled by: Saheeh International
Publisher: Center for Social Awareness and Advocacy
Pages: 48
Binding: Softcover

About the Book:
As Muslims stopped actively educating themselves about Islam directly from the Qur’an and Sunnah, accepting influences from different cultures became easy. Attitudes towards marriage have shifted drastically. Wedding celebrations speak volumes about our lack of understanding about Islam being a way of life.

We bring to you a valuable piece of writing on this issue. It is the need of the hour. A must for every Muslim household. A great gift for all around you.

– Center for Social Awareness and Advocacy

This booklet is the result of a number of requests from English-speaking Muslims for information on how one should go about marriage and the correctness or desirability of certain common practices in their societies.  Young people who were considering marriage, parents, teachers and other interested parties emphasized the need for education about this important matter.  The prevalence of many foreign and un-Islamic cultural practices among Muslims today has thoroughly confused ordinary people and therefore prompted a response within the framework of the obligation to the community.

We have tried to outline the basic Islamic rulings in a brief and uncomplicated manner without diversion into aspects of little relevance to present-day concerns.  If Allah should give benefit to some of His servants through this modest work, it is out of His favour and generosity.  Any error is our own and from Shaytan, while all that is correct and good is from Allah, the Exalted.

– Saheeh International

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    Book Review: Getting Married The Islamic Way

    This small booklet has all the basic information a Muslim needs before getting married.

    It’s short, concise, and to-the-point. And at the same time, it explains everything well enough to be understood by readers of every level.

    I loved reading this book, because it was devoid of those superfluous paragraphs that repeat the same thing over and over again, and take ages to get to the main idea.

    On several occasions, the author describes what a respectable status women hold in islam, and how every party should be considerate of the other, and avoid overburdening in all cases.

    The evidence is provided for the hadiths and statements by naming the book from where the ruling was derived. This is a huge plus point which makes this booklet trustworthy.

    It answers several questions such as:
    1.On whom is marriage wajib/mustahab/haram?
    2.If someone asks you information about the person who intends to marry, would it count as backbiting if you mention their flaws and related incidents?
    3.What is meant by khitbah and jihaz? Are they halal or haram?
    4.If you refuse to marry someone due to a physical feature that you don’t like, should you mention it?
    5.Can the bride’s family use her mahr?
    6.When should mahr be specified, according to Sunnah?
    7.How should we give blessings to newlyweds?
    8.How important is it to invite the poor to a walimah?

    And so many more.

    The language is extremely simple and easy to understand.

    It would’ve been better if the author had stated the hadith number along with the book name.

    I would recommend this book to everyone, especially parents, guardians and the youth who intend to marry sooner or later. It is much needed. The simplicity and ease of its description is itself an example of how a Muslim wedding should be. Marriage is such an important matter and should be treated with the greatest care. This booklet will teach you how to do that and attract lots of blessings towards the marriage.

    This is a wonderful way to help your family and friends get married in the most blessed way possible!!!


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