Images From The Prophet’s Life Album

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Author: Khurram Murad
Translator: Tayyeb Gulzar Khan
Publisher: Manshurat
Pages: 63
Binding: Softcover
ISBN:  978-969-633-145-2

About the Book: “Images from the Prophet’s Life Album” is one of the most popular writings of Khurram Murad.

In this small yet great book, he adopts a unique style of character sketching. Keeping the reader engaged in his beautiful description of the most important aspects of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s life (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him), Khurram Murad gracefully discharges his own duty of calling us to submit our lives to the Will of Allah and stand witness to the Truth. In a very moving manner, the author presents the fascinating images formed through a lifetime study of the Seerah (Prophet’s blessed biography).

May Allah bless his soul and give him a place in Jannah near the Prophet, the object of his love and adoration. I thank my Most Merciful Lord that He gave me the opportunity to do some good during my days of illness. I am thankful to Prof. Muslim Sajjad who assigned me the pleasant task of rendering this masterpiece in English. Khurram Murad always wanted to see the ‘da’wah’ literature produced in the best possible get‐up, pleasing to the eye and yet inexpensive. He always thought that it should be published widely and made easily available. “Manshurat” is a realization of his dreams. It tries to present, among other material, Khurram Murad’s books in the manner he liked.

-Tayyeb Gulzar Khan

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