Interpretation Of Kitab At-Tauhid; The Destination of the Seeker of Truth

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Author:  Salih Bin ‘Abdul- ‘Aziz;
Translator: Aqeel Walker
Publisher:  Darussalam
Pages:  325
Binding:  Hardcover
ISBN:  9960-892-38-7  

About the Book: Concerning the Statement of Allah the Most High, “And I (Allah) did not create the jinn and men except that they should worship Me (Alone).” (51:56) This means: And I never created the jinn and men for anything or any purpose from the purposes, except for one single purpose, which is that they worship Me (Allah). This verse contains the explanation of At-Tauhid. This is from the aspect that the Salaf explained the statement, “Except that they should worship Me (Alone),” as meaning: “…except that they should worship Me Alone in AtTauhid.” The proof of this understanding is that the Messengers were only sent for the purpose of singling out Allah Alone for worship (Tauhid ul-‘Ibaadah). The reality of worship is submission and humility. When love and compliance are added to these two characteristics, it becomes legal (religious) worship. According to the Islamic Law, worship is to observe the commands and prohibitions (of Allah) with love, hope and fear. Shaikh-ul-Islam said, “It (worship) is a comprehensive noun for what Allah loves and is pleased with of statements and actions, both apparent and hidden.” Therefore, the implication of this Verse is that every single act from the acts of worship must be for Allah Alone, besides all else.

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