Islam – The Misunderstood Religion

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Author: Muhammad Qutb
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House
Pages: 274
Binding: Softcover

About the Book:Most of us have heard of the Hadith by the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH): “Islam began as something strange and will return to being something strange.” It seems like this Hadith is very relevant to what we are experiencing today. Islam is under the spotlight in the media, news, and debates. Many misunderstandings are arising concerning Islam, especially after September 11, 2001. This book by Muhammad Qutb aims to clear many of these misunderstandings and explain Islam as it really is.

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  1. Avatar of Hina Sami

    Hina Sami

    M. Qutb and his unapologetic prose make this book a fascinating read for anyone who wishes to think outside the well-constructed box handed down to us by our Masters. A real Muslim is liberated and bows to no one except the God of all Kings. The author doesn’t mince his words and puts everyone in their place whether it is the liberals who dance to tune of their Western Gods and submit to science as the ultimate truth; or the stagnant Muslims who are arrested by their fears of speaking the truth and are paralyzed because they have given into the doubts and lies. This book compels the reader to stop, pause and reflect about how the facts and figures of the world have been manipulated to build a narrative against Islam. Many misunderstandings have been maliciously spread so as to weaken the Islamic spirit among the youth and the old. This must stop. We must read and reason if we are to be called a living nation.

    Hina Sami

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