Respecting The Messenger Of Allah

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Author: Darussalam Research
Publisher: Darussalam
Pages: 32
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9960-861-44-9

About the Booklet: In our religion the highest ever to be respected and worshipped is Allah. After Him, we respect our Prophet; more than anyone else. It is because Allah has ordered us to respect the Messenger; He has told us that the Messenger (S) was on an exalted standard of character. Allah and His angels send blessings upon the Prophet. He has also ordered us to send blessings upon him whenever his name is mentioned.

The Prophet himself has said that no one will become a true believer unless the Prophet becomes dearer to him than anyone else. He (S) has also said that he who loves him will be in Paradise with him. So, it is a part of our religion to respect and love the Messenger. May Allah increase his love in our hearts.

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