Tawassul Seeking a means of nearness to Allah

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Author: Shaikh Muhammad Naasiruddin Al Albani
Translator: Aboo Talhah Dawood
Publisher: Al Hidaayah Publishing
Pages: 165
Binding: Softcover

About the Book: A detailed and authoritative discussion on the important subject of tawassul (or seeking a means of nearness to Allaah). Although this topic is central to our belief there is very little authentic information available in the English language. In his usual scholarly manner, the Sheikh very convincingly clarifies the issue and identifies the types of tawassul that are approved of in the Quran and Sunnah. The Sheikh also goes to great lenghths to show the falsity of the invented forms of tawassul, refuting the doubts that are raised one by one – in an extremely convincing manner.

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