Tazkiyah: The Islamic Path of Self Development

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Author: Abdur Rashid Siddiqui
Publisher: Kube Publishing
Pages: 220
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0-86037-349-5

About the Book: There is hardly any book in English that covers self-development from an authentic Islamic perspective. Yet, tazkiyah, self-development, lies at the core of Islamic life and there is a need for a practical manual in English to assist those who want to achieve self-development by purifying their souls and actions. This anthology has been compiled to meet this need, by translating works that originally appeared in Urdu.

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  1. Avatar of Hina Sami

    Hina Sami

    As I was reading this book with articles from some of the legendary authors in the contemporary world, I realized a saying that I had come across many years ago – ‘ We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’ I opened this book hoping to learn some incantations or mind control techniques to feel a sense of spiritual elevation but each article reinforced one thing – We have to make every act of worship and even our daily activities a way to remember Allah consciously.This will no doubt require time, effort and deliberation but it is in everyone’s reach.

    Hina Sami

  2. Avatar of bookaholic_me


    Just got done with this amazing book. Loved it to bits.

    The book is divided in five chapters. Each chapter is an article by different scholar. The main aim behind the book is to throw some light on the concept of self development in islam. Self development is regarded as an active process in this book.

    In the first chapter,  islamic concept of self development is discussed with respect to the collective lìfe and individual life. Moreover the main chracteristics of an individual who is on the mission of self development and which kind of obstacles they face is also discussed. ☄

    In chapter 2, role of faith in life as well as true meaning of self development is discussed in light of quranic verses. Ways to attain self development in islam and islamic moral system are also discussed. ☄
    In chapter 3, one can find basic requisites and methodology to attain tazkiyah alongside obstacles and pitfalls in the light of quranic wisdom. Some modern management techniques for self development are also discussed. ☄
    In chapter 4, author started with explaining importance of self development and then leading to the aspects of ease surrounding self development journey and the importance of action and intention is also discussed. ☄

    In chapter 5, the relation of man with Allah has been discussed in detail on the basis of the pillars of gratitude, love etc, ways of gaining gnosis as well as important concepts of modesty, fear of Allah, importance of practicing moderation are also discussed. ☄
    OverAll it was an amazing read, some concepts were overlapping but that is natural.
    Take away lesson was:

    1- Tazkiyah/ self development is an active process.

    2- Quran and hadith are complete code of conduct for this process.
    3- One’s intention should be pure for seeking Allah’s pleasure.

    4- Commitment and constant striving are very important.

    5- One must practice moderation in all actions and sharing good with others is also good.

    An amazing read.
    ☄☄☄☄/5 *
    Would recommend it to everyone. Got it from @dawahbooks


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