The Choice – Islam and Christianity

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Author: Ahmed Deedat
Publisher: Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Pages: 466
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-967-0835-24-2

About the Book:
This path-breaking research by an expert Muslim scholar of the Bible aims to help Muslims and Christians understand their faith by answering a lot of theological questions, bitter truths, untold and unrevealed, related to Christianity, Jesus’s divinity and the different versions of the Bible.

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    Ammar Awais

    In this two-volume book, Ahmed Deedat has analysed Islam and Christianity in the light of logic, consistency, historical and scientific facts, and textual accuracy. Volume 1 focuses on the character and traits of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS): his mention in the Bible, as well as what the unbiased classical and contemporary non-Muslims say regarding him. The author also discusses the Quran as the greatest of miracles in a convincing fashion. Volume 2 points out the many discrepancies that can be found in the Bible, and how much of the present-day Bible is human handiwork rather than divine inspiration. The book offers illustrations and passages from other publications which, combined with the author’s deep scrutiny, makes a very interesting read. The book is extremely useful for anyone wanting to give dawah to Christians or simply to educate them about Islam. It is also a valuable asset for the student of comparative religion or anyone wanting to analyse the Bible using non-Christian sources.

    Ammar Awais

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