The Perfect Gift

Publisher:  Islamic Foundation

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Author:  J. Samia Mair
Publisher:  Islamic Foundation
Pages:  29
Binding:  Hardcover
ISBN:  978-0-86037-438-1

About the Book: Sarah is upset because she cannot find an Eid gift for her mother. She decides to take a walk along her secret path in the woods. There, she not only finds the perfect gift, but also learns to appreciate nature. A Perfect gift- would only be suitable for someone as special as a mother. Read about the creativity of a young girl and how, with a little imagination she finds a gift that is just perfect! Author:  
Binding: Hardcover Softcover

About the Book: Tigers, giant waves and other fears haunt little Abdullah’s dreams… A fascinating and imaginative story of how a family help their little boy to overcome frightening dreams and nightmares through the power of prayer. A wonderful tale of how prayer can work for all of us. Age: 5+

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