The Reasons For The Revelation of the Quran

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Author: Abu al Hasan Ali al Wahidi an Neesaboori
Translator: Sameh Strauch
Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House
Pages: 158
Binding:  Hardcover
ISBN: 978-603-501-036-8

About the Book: Have you ever wondered in what circumstances a particular verse or Soorah was revealed? In this translation of the great work ‘Asbaab an-Nuzool’ by the great Muslim scholar Abu al Hasan Ali al Wahidi an Neesaboori, you may well find the answer. This first volume covers the first four sections of the Qur’an, from Soorah al-Fatihah to verse 22 of Soorah an-Nisa. The publication of this book reflects our continuing effort to bring to the English speaking Muslims works previously only available to Arab speakers.

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  1. Avatar of Hina Sami

    Hina Sami

    I never knew there was a book written solely to tell us the wonderful accounts of when certain verses of the Quran were revealed. This is a beautiful book because it connects you to those events and adds a rich meaning and perspective for when those ayahs are recited in our daily routine.

    Hina Sami

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