The Wudhu Socks – Shari’ah-compliant and Waterproof Socks for Ablution

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About the Product:
100% Shariah-compliant waterproof socks, ‘The Wudhu Socks’ were created to cater to one vision: easing the process of ablution for Muslims everywhere, on every occasion.

These are composed of nylon, a waterproof and breathable membrane, and bamboo fibre.

  • Unlike the leather socks (khuff) which have been traditionally used for masah, The Wudhu Socks are designed to suit every season, allowing Muslims to use them for prolonged periods of time with no discomfort.
  • The inner layer of bamboo fibre prevents bad odour, carries thermal regulatory properties, and is very soft, allowing your The Wudhu Socks-clad feet to fit snugly in any pair of shoes.
  • The perfect companions for professionals, students, and travellers, The Wudhu Socks are an investment in your spiritual and physical life.


Available in 3 sizes : Small, Medium and Large.


Customer Testimonials:
The Wudhu Socks are a dream come true! I couldn’t ft the leather socks in my dress shoes and would have to wash my feet every time I did wudhu in office or outside the home, usually with cold water, brrr… With The Wudhu Socks, I feel like dancing every time I perform masah. The con right now 29-12-2019 Admin Published # Name Email Star Title Testimonial Date By Status is that the feet feel sweaty in closed shoes if I wear the socks for five hours or more in temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius, although the bamboo fibre absorbs well and I don’t find my feet to be wet or smelly. I’ve been told TWS is working with other, more suitable materials and will come up with an all-weather edition soon, in sha Allah!
– Ahmed Iqbal

I’ve been using these socks for a week now and I wear them to university for nearly 5-6 hours each day. I was so surprised when, even by the end of the week, there was no unpleasant odour coming from them. My feet didn’t get that icky feeling whenever I took them off either. I’m definitely going to be ordering another pair soon. This product was much-needed in Pakistan. Jazakallahu Khair, TWS!
– Aimen Khan



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