Al Ubudiyyah – Being a True Slave of Allah

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Author: Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah
Translator: Nasiruddin al Khattab
Publisher: Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd.
Pages: 120
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-89794-088-4

About the Book: From the book’s back cover: “Every person must have an ultimate aim which is the focus of his love and will. If a person does not have Allah as the focus of his love and will, he will inevitably be enslaved by something else, whether it be his own pride and arrogance, wealth, power or something that he takes as a god instead of Allah. The heart cannot be sound, or succeed, or find joy, or be happy, or feel pleasure, or be good, or be at peace, or find tranquility, except by worshipping its lord, loving Him and returning to Him.

About the Author: Shaykh Ibn Taymiyah (1263 CE/661 AH – 1328 CE/728 AH) came from a scholarly family and was himself a scholar from an early age, completing his studies whilst still in his teens. Although written over five centuries ago, his words are as relevant today as they were then, tackling the weighty issues that have always concerned mankind.

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