An Inspiration To The World

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Author: Dr. Aa’id al Qarni
Translator: Nasiruddin Al-Khattab
Publisher: Darussalam
Pages: 771
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-603-917-723-4

About the Book: A Prophetic Biography Unlike Any Other!

  • Unlike any book of Seerah that came before it.
  • Based on authentic reports
  • Connecting the Seerah to our everyday, modern lives.
  • Beyond biography – a project towards reformation of character.
  • To guide you through all aspects and circumstances of life.

An Inspiration to the World is not a repetition of what has already been written about the Seerah, or an imitation of those who have written on this topic before me. It is not a collection of quotations or a list of reports. Rather it is based on reflection and contemplation of those reports, aimed at presenting the spirit of the Seerah and connecting it to peoples everyday lives, by diving deep into its ocean, trying to discover its secrets, show its lights, highlight its objectives, display its uniqueness and discuss its benefit

This book is Unique and different from other seerah books like Sealed Nector, Golden Seerah by Abdul Malik Mujahid, As- Seerah by Dr. As-Sallabi, As- Seerah by Dr. Mahdi Rizq-ul-Allah and many others, Because these books are about the biography of the Prophet PBUH, his childhood, Life before Prophethood, Life in Makkah, Life in Madinah, etc.

These books are also informative and useful but “An inspiration to the world is different from all such books.

An Inspiration to the World is a record of the Sunnah, a biography of one who was the greatest example, a way of life, a book of manners, a covenant of honour, a call to salvation, a project of reform, a message of Tawheed, and a call to a new life.

An Inspiration to the World is the story of a Prophet and Messenger PBUHa biography of one who was infallible, a historical record of the mercy whom Allah sent to the world, a great blessing, in which you will find divine inspiration, prophetic breezes, the greatest miracle, the momentous news, and the final, eternal message.

An Inspiration to the World represents the journey of half a century, in which the author accompanied the one who was an inspiration to the world PBUH by night and by day, at home and when traveling, in private and in public, at times of hardship and times of ease. The author spent his life studying his noble Sunnah and biography, and he realized that he should pay his dues and fulfill the covenant, by undertaking the duty to convey and promote his Sunnah and to spread his message.

About the Author: Shaykh Dr. Aa’id al Qarni is a renowned Saudi scholar, author, poet, and activist. He devoted himself to preaching, visited many countries, attended dozens of conferences, and authored more than eighty books, the most famous of which is the book “Do not be sad” which has sold more than 10 million copies, his last but not the least valuable book is “An Inspiration to the World”.

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  1. Noman (verified owner)

    I have ordered this book and recieved in excellent packing and timely delivery by Da’wah books. The book itself is a masterpiece. Top notch hardcover, designing, binding and paper quality is superb. It has beautiful text and coloured ayats. This book is a collectable if you can buy easily. I am going to start reading and it looks great.


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